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Christmas Greeting Card
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A package consisting of Greeting Card Studio and 3 templates libraries for Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year, St. Patrick,s Day, Easter and April Fool's Day.
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Save $40 by purchasing Greeting Card Studio and template library together at $49.95 only!
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Save $40 by purchasing Greeting Card Studio and template library together at $49.95 only!
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Save $40 by purchasing Greeting Card Studio and template library together at $49.95 only!
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If you find a greeting card creation software that performs better than Greeting Card Studio, please send us your bill for the Greeting Card Studio software you bought. We will refund every cent you paid for it- no questions asked!
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Create your own beautiful greeting cards with ease

The Greeting Card Studio is a unique, easy to use card creation software that allows you to create your own individual greeting cards. The software is bundled with attractive, high quality images, borders and backgrounds and you can even insert your own pictures to make your cards come to life.
Create Amazing Cards & publish/share instantly!
Greeting card Studio provides you with freedom to create best printable cards and e-cards for special occasions. Create Christmas cards, New year cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards and many more occasions. You can also create Single page cards - a perfect fit for sharing on social networking websites like Facebook, twitter, Picasa etc. Express your feelings for your loved ones in 3 easy steps with greeting design software!
3 Easy Steps
Select from hundreds of
pre-designed greeting card templates.
Personalize the card design while
adding message, photos, change
fonts, colors or graphics.
Print, e-mail or Share customized cards

Features that make Greeting Card Studio a winner

Access a huge range of fonts
Add basic shapes to
your card design
Choose from a wide variety of graphic symbols to jazz up your card design
Insert images and photos from your local system to add a personalized touch to your card
Adorn your cards with unique backgounds Decorate the card with attractive, colorful borders
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  • Send your greeting card as an e-card
    Send your card through email as an e-card if needed instead of printing it out
  • Save big on greeting card costs
    Besides showing off your creative skills, the Greeting Card studio gives you big savings -you save on all the money that you would have otherwise spent buying expensive greeting cards. Now you never need to buy another card in your life!
  • Wide Selection of card templates for every occasion
    Greeting Card Studio offers you a wide selection of beautiful card templates for every occasion, from festivals to special events and dates like anniversaries and graduations
  • Design other pieces of communication like invitations and announcements also
    You can also design posters, invitations, announcements and other pieces of communication
  • Edit text as required on your greeting card template
    You can edit the text on any template to customize it to your requirements
  • Access a huge graphics library of images, symbols, shapes, borders and backgrounds
    Beautify your card further by using decorative borders, shapes, symbols and backgrounds, part of the huge graphics library that is part of Greeting Card Studio
  • Insert your own photos and clipart in your greeting card
    Besides using the graphics from the software, you can also add your own pictures and photographs from your local system into the card to add your own personal touch
  • Complete card editing tools
    Edit images using the Crop, Flip and Rotate tools, manipulate Brightness and Contrast, add Drop Shadow and Transparency effects. You can also add outlines to the various elements
  • Select any size of greeting card if you don’t want a standard size
    Design your card in the size you want - you can pick a standard size or a custom size as per requirement
  • Variety of folding methods possible
    Fold your greeting card in a variety of ways-half fold, quarter fold, accordion style etc.
  • Publish your greeting card in different file formats
    Publish your card in various formats like PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF and HTML
  • Convenient and easy printing out of greeting cards
    Print out cards directly on your home printer or save the cards as an image and get it done from a professional printer
  • Re-using cards is simple
    Save, edit and re-use your cards any number of times. Save your preferred card templates in a Favorites group for easy working
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
    The easy to use interface has large icons and a big work area. The intuitive interface can be used easily by novices and makes working with Greeting Card Studio a real pleasure
  • System Requirements for Greeting Card Studio
    Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    RAM: Minimum 256 MB (512MB recommended)
    CPU: 600 MHz
    1064x768 Resolution Monitor
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